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Getting Started

Dr. Heather Hahn provides services both in person, as well as telehealth via Zoom depending on your level of comfort.


Dr. Heather Hahn provides a free 15-minute phone or video consultation, if desired, prior to your first appointment.

What to expect during this consultation:

This is an opportunity for you and Dr. Hahn to begin getting to know one another as well as discuss your concerns and have your questions answered. This process allows you to begin to identify if Dr. Hahn is the right fit for you on your counseling and healing journey.

“We are all capable of change and growth; we just need to know where to begin.” – Blaine Lee Pardoe

Private Pay Rates







Important Note

If you would like to submit a claim through an insurance provider, upon request Dr. Heather Hahn can provide you with a receipt for services (aka: Superbill) that includes all necessary information required to file for possible reimbursement with your insurance carrier. Dr. Hahn encourages you to check with your insurance provider directly to understand your specific coverage as your reimbursement rate will vary depending upon your insurance provider. We are not able to guarantee reimbursement. Keep in mind that your insurance carrier will not process your claim/Superbill without a diagnosis of a mental disorder, which will be placed in your and/or your child’s permanent mental health record.


Dr. Heather Hahn generally accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO) insurance plans. If you’d like to verify your mental health benefits, please contact BCBS directly and inquire about your plan. You will be held responsible for the portion of services not financially covered by insurance.

Dr. Hahn is considered an out of network (OON) provider for all other insurance companies. It is important to share insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis be rendered for treatment. These diagnoses, along with other information that insurance companies require clinicians to provide are placed in you and your child’s permanent mental health records. Dr. Heather Hahn has no control over how this information may be managed in the future by your insurance provider.

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